stat 415

Nonparametric Inference and Bootstrap

Fall 2013

Session 2, Sep 30 - Nov 1, MWF 1:10–2:00. Snedecor 3121

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours by arrangement. Snedecor 2413


Course syllabus describing objectives, software used, topics and assessment.

Lectures and timetable

Date Lecture and Resources Homework
Non-parametric Inference
Sep 30 Course overview and basics. A permutation test
Oct 2 Order Statistics
Oct 4 Comparison of tests: power and efficiency Homework 1, due Oct 11
Oct 7 Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test, R code
Oct 9 Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test continues, Q-Q plots, R code
Oct 11 Kolmogorov and other tests of normality Homework 2, due Oct 18
Oct 14 No class today!
Oct 16, 1pm Matched Pairs
Oct 16, 4pm Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney
Oct 18 Visual Inference Homework 3, due Oct 24
Oct 21 Rank-regression
Bootstrapping Ideas
Oct 23 Intro to Bootstrap, R code
Oct 25 Bootstrap estimates and confidence intervals Homework 4, due Nov 1
Oct 30 letter soup Bootstrap adjustments
Oct 30 Review Session.
Nov 1 Final Exam, Session II