Processing Lab

Lab Assignment

In today's lab assignment you are asked to draw the health care chart of your choice and start implementing the interactive feature you described last time. We have provided you with some processing example source code with rudimentary interaction.
  1. Start by downloading and installing the processing software.
  2. Download the small portion of the health care data: meps-small.csv and the processing code file stat332_health.pde. Create a folder called 'stat332_health', move the files into it, and start processing by double-clicking the pde file.
  3. Based on this example, start implementing the interactive feature of your choice (you can either try to implement your own chart, or use the one in the example).
  4. Deliverable: at the end of the class, electronically submit the pde file (and the data set, in case you did not use the small health care data).

Code & Data

Further resources

Great Example

  • Michael's approach: