stat 332

Homework 2

Due date is Tuesday Sep 29, please submit assignments electronically to all three instructors at heike, dicook,

How safe is Ames?

areaConnect is a service that allows users to investigate cities across the US electronically. One of the aspects covered includes crimes within a city, e.g. this site details all of Ames' Crimes in 2006.

This week's homework asks you to pick four cities across the US (for which Crime Statistics are available at areaConnect) and draft a chart comparing these cities to Ames. Try to incorporate as much information in the chart as possible without overloading it.
Assume that the audience is recent college graduates who are considering taking jobs in one of the four cities you picked. The audience members have to find a place to live, so naturally they'll want to know where the crime is higher or lower.


The best answers will be published anonymously on this website.