stat 332

Homework 1

Due date is Thursday Sep 17, please submit assignments electronically to all three instructors at heike, dicook,

Evaluating a Graphical Display

Ben Fry has recently published a chart of the different editions of Charles Darwin's book "The Origin of Species" called The Preservation of Favoured Traces.

This week's homework is a critical evaluation of this graphical display regarding all aspects discussed in class. A good report will consist of 1-2 (typ-set) pages including a discussion of the graphic's

  1. construction & content
  2. audience & intent
  3. context
Also consider the source of the data as well as pieces of the data that are missing or would be of interest to the audience. We are interested in your opinion, so include a summary with your personal view of how well the graphic works, and why (or not).

The best answers will be published anonymously on this website.