stat/engl 332

Visualizing Quantitative Information

Fall 2009

Tuesday/Thursday 2:10–3:30. Ross 025

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours by arrangement. Snedecor 2413

Charlie Kostelnick,
Office hours TBD. Ross 201

Dianne Cook,
Office hour TBD. Snedecor 2415


Course syllabus describing objectives, software used, topics and assessment.


Portfolio page

Lectures and timetable

Date Lecture and Resources Dates and Deadlines
Aug 25 Introductions, What is this course about?
Great Examples
Aug 27 Historical and famous examples (1)
Sep 1 Historical and famous examples (2)
Sep 3 Contemporary Examples
Audience & Purpose
Sep 8 Communication purpose, evaluating graphics Homework I, due Sep 17.
Sep 10 Critical Assessment of Selected Charts - Group Work Midterm, 20 min at start of class.
Graphical Conventions
Sep 15 Types of quantitative information, Basic Data Plots
Sep 17 Visual Conventions Homework II, due Sep 29.
Human Cognition
Sep 22 Graphical Elements: points, lines, color
Sep 24 Graphical Perception & Misperception
Testing Human Cognition
Sep 29 Designing Experiments (1)
Oct 1 JMP and Illustrator - in the lab in 37 Ross Homework III, due Oct 8/Oct 15
Oct 6 Designing Experiments (2)
Interactive Graphics
Oct 8 Interactive Graphics - in the lab in 37 Ross
Oct 13 Interacting with graphics (2)
Oct 15 Lab Session: Health Care, data file Health Care Project
Oct 20 Ethics, Privacy, public data (2)
Tables, Maps & Text
Oct 22 Ethics, Homework Discussion
Oct 27 Presenting Tables
Oct 29 Introduction to Processing Final Project, due dates: Nov 5/Nov 17/Dec 3
Nov 3 Some more Processing
Nov 5 Processing Lab
Nov 10 Geographic Visualizations
Nov 17 Text Visualization
Miscellaneous Topics
Nov 19 Lab
Nov 24/26 Thanksgiving Week
Dec 1/3 Miscellaneous
Project Presentations
Dec 8/10 Project Discussions
Dec 15/17 Project Presentations
The schedule of topics might change, and additional topics might be added.


Excel or JMP will be used to make calculations on data. Photoshop, Canvas, InDesign, Illustrator some similar graphics program will be used to Žnish graphics.