History 451: History of the Era of the American Revolution



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Vital Statistics:  History 451; Ross 126,  MWF 11.00-11.50am

Welcome to History 451. This course explores the history of British North America and the United States from the period between the beginning of the Seven Years' War through the inauguration of President George Washington. We will explore the causes, progress, and consequences of the American Revolution, and the Revolution's impact on the various peoples of North America.


April 1

  • History 495 Rough Draft Deadline extended to Weds. April 6th
  • Discussion on Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, will be Monday April 4th. For discussion questions, see: Jefferson Discussion Assignment

March 21

  • Revised Course Schedule posted - Note that Midterm 2 is now Monday March 28.
  • Revised Syllabus posted (incorporates revised course schedule)
  • Lecture Outlines updated

Feb. 8

  • Most Unit I lecture outlines are up

Jan. 27

  • Course website is up and running!
  • Next assignment due: Friday February 4. Book Response for Holton, Forced Founders is due.