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Lynn Clark, Director ph. 515-294-8218 e-mail lgclark@iastate.edu
Research interests: Systematics and evolution of Chusquea and other woody bamboos (Poaceae); morphology and phylogeny of grasses

Deborah Lewis, Curator ph. 515-294-9499 e-mail dlewis@iastate.edu
Research interests: Systematics of Lindernia (Scrophulariaceae) and Burmanniaceae; flora of Iowa; herbarium curation techniques

Associated Faculty (Dept. of EEOB)

Bryophyte class

James Colbert
Lichens and bryophytes, especially in Iowa

Donald Farrar (emeritus)
Systematics and morphology; pteridophyte (fern) systematics, reproductive biology and ecology, forest ecology, flora of Camp Dodge

Nels Lersten (emeritus)
Anatomical survey of Scrophulariaceae leaves for internal secretory structures (foliar idioblasts, cavities and ducts); survey of Prunus (Rosaceae) leaves for types and distribution of calcium oxalate crystals and their systematic significance among the subgenera

Lois Tiffany (emerita)
Distribution and ecology of fungal parasites of tallgrass prairie plants; epidemiology of Sphacelotheca occidentalis (kernel smut) on Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem, Poaceae); survey of the distribution of the truffles of Iowa; continued documentation of the fungus flora of Iowa; study of canker of Gleditsia triacanthos (honey locust, Fabaceae); survey of the fungi of Big Bend National Park, Texas

Robert Wallace
Molecular systematics and evolution of the Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Portulacaceae

Jonathan Wendel
Molecular systematics and evolution of Gossypium (cotton, Malvaceae)

Research Associates

Rosanne Healy
Survey of the distribution and documentation of Ascomycetous and Basioimycetous hypogeous fungi in Iowa; ultrastructure and development of the spores of Pachyphloeus

Mark Leoschke
Iowa biodiversity, rare and endangered vascular plants of Iowa, Iowa bryophytes

Cathy Mabry
Survey and comparison of plant species diversity of central Iowa forests

Bill Norris
Plant surveys in northeastern Iowa; Iowa sedges

John Pearson
Iowa biodiversity, rare and endangered vascular plants of Iowa, lichens

Chanda Riedel Skelton
Botrychium biology and systematics

Nick Stoynoff
Iowa flora

Graduate Students

Bryophyte class

Hathairat Chokthaweepanich
Systematics of Zingiberaceae of Thailand, tropical Poaceae

Undergraduate Students

Michael Hurst
"Grasses in Your Pocket" field guide

Cassandra Wright
Botrychium biology and systematics


Jean Day

Ardis Moore

Robert Nicholson

Jimmie Thompson