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HDFS 591M: Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic Pre-Practicum
Fall, 2006

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Dr. Ronald Jay Werner-Wilson
Associate Professor
Director of the Iowa State University Marriage and Family Therapy Program and Clinic

Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Iowa State University
1321 Palmer Building

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Conceptual Material


Walsh, F., & Scheinkman, M. (1989).  (Fe)male: The hidden gender dimension in models of family therapy.  In M. McGoldrick, C. M. Anderson, & F. Walsh (Eds.), Women in families (pp16-41).  New York: Norton.


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Aspects of Therapeutic Relationship


Luborsky, L. (1994).  Therapeutic alliances as predictors of psychotherapy outcomes: Factors explaining the predictive success. In A. O. Horvath & L. S. Greenberg (Eds.), The working alliance: Theory, research, and practice (pp. 38-50).  New York: John Wiley & Sons.