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About Me

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Counseling Psychology at Iowa State University.  My time is spent counseling clients, providing clinical supervision to doctoral trainees, teaching undergraduate classes, providing service to academic and professional organizations, and conducting research.  I am currently pursuing two primary lines of research: (a) developing testable theoretical models for the prediction of professional psychological help-seeking behavior that inform prevention/intervention and (b) understanding the lived experience of nonreligious individuals through culturally-sensitive research methods. All research projects involve collaboration with psychologists/sociologists at Iowa State University and other national institutions.

I will complete my pre-doctoral internship training at the University of Maryland Counseling Center during the 2014-2015 academic year. I ultimately aspire to a career in academia, where I can conduct research, teach, and train the next generation of counseling psychologists. My CV is available upon request. I may be contacted at hammer[at]iastate[dot]edu.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Vogel, D. L., Wester, S. R., Hammer, J. H., & Downing-Matibag, T. (in press). Referring men to seek help: The influence of gender role conflict and stigma. Psychology of Men and Masculinity. *PDF*

Alfred, G. C., Hammer, J. H., & Good, G. (in press). Traditional masculinity, hardiness, and psychological well-being in male student veterans. Psychology of Men & Masculinity. *PDF*

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Hammer, J. H., Vogel, D. V., & Heimerdinger-Edwards, S. (2013). Menís help seeking: Examination of differences across community size, education, and income. Psychology of Men & Masculinity. *PDF*

Hammer, J. H., Cragun, R. T., & Hwang, K. (2013). Measuring spiritual fitness: Atheist military personnel, veterans, and civilians. Military Psychology, 25,438-451. *PDF*

Tucker, J. R., Hammer, J. H., Vogel, D. L., Bitman, R. L., & Wade, N. G. (2013). Disentangling stigmas: Are mental-illness and help-seeking stigmas distinct. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60520-531. *PDF Coming Soon*

Vogel, D. L., Bitman, R. L., Hammer, J. H., & Wade, N. G. (2013). Is stigma internalized? The longitudinal impact of public stigma on self-stigma. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60311-316. *PDF*

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Vogel, D., Heimerdinger-Edwards, S., Hammer, J. H., & Hubbard, A. (2011). "Boys don't cry": Examination of the links between endorsement of masculine norms, self-stigma and help-seeking attitudes for men from diverse backgrounds. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 58(3), 368-382. *PDF*

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Current Research Projects

Please visit the Self-Stigma Research Collaborative and the Atheist Research Collaborative websites to learn more about and participate in research developed with my colleagues.