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Dr. Greg Luecke

Graduate Students

Current Advisees:

            Don Kieu (MSME, expected Dec 2013)

            Satyan Gnanam (MSEE, expected May 2014)

            Parth Malkan (MSEE, expected August 2014)

            Anusha Chennaka (MSEE, expected August 2014)

            Dao Lim (MSME, expected Dec 2013)

            Bharat Mani-Prem-Sankar (MSEE. expected May 2014)  

Ph.D. Graduates

Noah Manring, 1996  (Co-advisor, Richard Smith, ABE)

Torque on the cylinder block of an axial-piston swash-plate type hydrostatic pump

Professor and Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia


Young-Ho Chai,           1997

Force-Reflecting HaPTIC Interactions In a Synthetic Environment

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Chung-Ang University, Seoul; Korea


James C. Edwards        1998

Interactive Synthetic Environments with Force Feedback

Engineering Animation, Inc.


Naci Zafer        2000

Design and implementation of haptic interactions

Associate Professor, Osmangazi University, Turkey


Kok-Leong Tan           2001

Intelligent Assist Device

Politics in Malaysia.


Yongjun Hou    2005

Stabilization and Control of Teleoperation Systems With Time Delays

NeoGuide Systems, San Francisco, CA


Muhammad Ali    2007

Studyof a Compact Energy Absorber

Assistant Professor, University of Alaska



M.S. Graduates


Peter Martinson. 2012

Chris Walck, 2012

Keegan Gartner, 2011

Melissa Wickham, 2010

John Beckman, 2007

Brent Duppong, 2007

Jake Ingman 2006

John Burnett 2006

Scott Evans 2006

Adam Bogenrief, 2006

Shayne Shiltz, S2005

Kamel Kamel, S2004

Jonathan Olson, S2003

Lars Kaldestadt, F2002

William Vande Haar, F2002

Sony Wangsa-Putra, 2001


Govind Srinivasan, 2000

Brian Swanson, 2000

Britt Dinsdale, 2000

Melissa Nissen, 1999

Justin Goeres, 1999

Gary Simpson, 1999

Shawn Wade, 1998

Stefan Slagowski, 1997

Christopher Merrinam, 1996

Russell Peters, 1996

Kien Wee Lai, 1995

James Edwards, 1995

John Winkler, 1995

Koon-Ho Wong, 1995

Julie Slaughter, 1994

Allen Cooper, 1994