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Speech Communication 322

Argumentation, Critical Thinking & Debate

Contacting Me

Prof. Jean Goodwin
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Course Goals

This class promises to make you a skilled arguer when debating issues of public importance. In specific, you will be able to:
    1. Make good arguments.
    2. Engage others' arguments.
    3. Assess reliable sources.
    4. Organize argument interactions.
    5. Express your philosophy.
    6. Grow as a person.

Core course documents

Syllabus--course description and policies
Schedule--assignments in detail

About the exam

About the final arguments
My Philosophy of Argument final paper assignment
Personal Growth final report assignment

Course Materials

1 Questions on the first pop quiz
1 Personal learning goals assignment
1 The Neighbors
1 Ground Rules for Groups
1 Dealing with Couch Potatoes and Hitchhikers on Groups
1 The Take a Stand exercise

2 On self assessment
2 Making an argument
2 Website for Asking the Right Questions
2 One Minute Eloquence

3 Why argue? (longer)
3 My Philosophy of Argument paper assignment
3 Personal learning styles extra credit assignment
3 About stock issues (longer)

4 Golden Rice case
4 Personal growth assignment
4 How to analyze a website

4 How not to plagiarize

5 Sample analysis of website from last week
5 Lab questions for Monday
5 Wikipedia, pro and con
5 Experts or ordinary citizens?
5 Pretend you're not right
5 The good argument checklist

6 Tesco case
6 Formats for presenting arguments
6 Arguing values
6 Advice from a Student on Arguing Values
6 Spin is inevitable?

7 About the exam
7 About the final arguments
7 About brownout
7 Religion in public argument

8 The last experimental debate: "National Service" or "Video Games"

9 How to refute an argument
9 About stock issues (repeat of above)

10 How to "flow" a debate
10 About Peer Reviewing
10 Is Jon Stewart right? (longer)

11 Research strategies & tips

12 Gender and argument

Materials from
previous classes

Revised course schedule 2005 (after Hurricane Katrina, we shifted from debating GMOs to post-Katrina issues).
Syllabus 2005
Syllabus 2004
Syllabus 2003
Syllabus 2002
Course schedule 2002

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