Case: The Neighbors

Minsento Seed Company brochure

Welcome to the World of Minsento Science and Technology

Making a Difference______________________________

Here at Minsento, we strive to make a difference in this world. Through new crop technology, we are able to produce crops that are better than ever. We provide that seed that will yield more crops than any other seed on the market. Furthermore, these crops have been specially designed to contain more of the vitamins and nutrients people need in their daily lives.

Our Promise to You_______________________________

Our promise to you is one of quality. Minsento seed is like none other; we work out hardest to provide you and your family with the best we have to offer. We engineer our crops to be more nutritious than conventional crops. We are currently working a project to formulate a new grains to help feed the children in need around the world.

Our Products___________________________________

Minsento produces a number of fine grains, fruits and vegetables. This month, we are featuring our most well-known crop, our own particular brand of Bt corn. Our Bt corn can end your troublesome corn borer pest problem without one drop of insecticide.


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Minsento's brochure
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