Case: The Neighbors

Statement of Jess Bransen, GMO Farmer

I have to tell you, Mitch, I don't understand how some people think. I can't understand how I'm being wrapped up in any of this at all. If Miller wants to grow organic crops, he needs to be the one to pay if something happens to make the corn inorganic.

I've been farming here in Quiet Oaks for five years now and I've never had a complaint from anyone. Not a single soul. I've kept the mandatory 600 foot buffer between my field and the silly little organic garden he calls a farm, so what else does he expect me to do?

And where does he get off attacking me? I'm not the one that created the corn that "infected" his precious seed. Minsento did. And they're rich. How can a company like that expect me to cover for their seed? I'd like to see Bransen go after their deep pockets.

Here's how things work in the organic farming world. The f*ing rich little city twerps go to their f*ing rich little organic grocery stores and pay ridiculously high prices for "natural corn". Corn is corn is what I think. I mean, hell, if they are going to pay high prices for their "special crops" anyway, why doesn't Bransen just raise the prices a little more and pay for his own security for his corn?

If you really think about it, there are fewer organic farmers than GMO farmers anyway. How can the majority really be expected to cater to the needs of the minority? I think it would be just plain smarter for one organic farmer to take precautionary measures than for three GMO farmers go out of their way to be safe.

And what good is the organic farmer doing anyway? All he does is supply crops to those rich type people I mentioned earlier. Now me, I'm doing much more than that. I'm growing crops that can feed people all over the world; I can grow much more per acre than any organic farmer could do in their best season. My crops can be engineered to be more nutritious than regular old crops too! I don't have any statistics off the top of my head but the latest I know they are growing a special kind of rice that is extra nutritious.

And if you really think about it, being able to grow more crops per acre does more than feed more people. If organic farmers wanted to produce as many crops as I did, they would be forced to eat up precious land, our reserves, and our wildlife areas. I'm not the only farmer this is happening to, after all.

If Miller wants to blame anyone beside himself, he should blame Minsento.


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