Some favorite places

The New York Times--it's still free.
The On-line Books Page, the biggest index of etexts I've found. As soon as they start selling a reasonably-priced "tablet" computer, I'm hooked.
An inspiring homepage.
The only viewless knot on this all-embracing internet of views.
Ursula Le Guin's Left-Handed Commencement Address
The World Lecture Hall, a collection of online syllabi and creative ideas.
One good book.

I like textiles; a friend of mine once joked that my apartment was decorated with nothing but pieces of cloth. Here are some good places to buy hand-woven and/or hand-made things from around the world; I've bought from most of them myself.

  • Deva Lifewear: All-cotton clothing made here in the USA.
  • Marrakesh Express: Spectacular flat weave rugs from Morocco.
  • Marketplace: hand-printed and embroidered clothing from India.
  • Celerina's Rugs: Hand-made Zapotec rugs.
  • A Rug Bazaar: Hand-knotted Tibetan carpets--thick, long-wearing wool rugs from one of the best of the online dealers.
  • Asian Trade: an eBay store with exceptional Uzbek flatweave (kilim) rugs.
  • Real Bodies: hand-dyed batik clothing from Bali.
  • My House: An eBay seller with a very good selection of tribal textiles from Northwest India.

You're walking to work one day when you see the tanks rolling into the city. Do you stand in front of them, or not?
You get to work, and it's not there any more. What do you think?
Hey--it looks like someone was here before us.
Someone stepped here, as well.
The mountains--but you can't get there from here.

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