After taking English 250, I consider myself a much stronger communicator. The WOVE - based curriculum helped me express myself in three new ways: orally, visually, and electronically. I had no previous education on oral communication, so the instruction on how to stand, how to dress, and how to speak was groundbreaking to me. I have had some experience with Photoshop, but nothing outside of messing around with it for fun. I have had some experience working electronically; in fact I had to create a website for a class before this. However, the fundamental understanding of the coding behind the scenes was completely foreign to me. As you can see, I've come a long way.


          In the future I plan to keep this site updated. I would like it to include works from other classes as well where I have demonstrated my skills in communication, especially so in the field of engineering. I will try and maintain a presence of my strong communication skills in English as well because it would help diversify my ePortfolio, but demonstrating my communication skills in mechanical engineering by uploading CAD assemblies and drawings would be extremely helpful in finding a job later down the road.

Garrett Smith           2010