Written Analysis


          My rhetorical analysis is broken down into three fundamental parts. There is an introduction, which explains to the viewer my thesis and poses a question to the viewer to get him or her thinking about how and why James uses ethos and pathos in his film. In the body of the text, I explain to the reader my three points about how James uses pathos to enhance his ethos. In the conclusion I summarize the points I made and wrap up the paper.


          I used the general three-part style because it could accurately fulfill the requirements of the paper while still providing the organization needed for this type of analysis. More specifically, I used powerful language to get my point across to the viewer by not using passive voice and eliminating helping verbs. This allows the paper to feel more direct and to the point instead of vague and implicit.


Oral Analysis


          I started my oral presentation of the movie poster PowerPoint with discussing the color scheme I used, because its the first thing people see when they observe a poster. It must have colors that compliment each other. The second thing I pointed out was chunking. Chunking is important because it provides organization and structure to the poster. Lastly I brought up perspective because it was worth mentioning and it was fairly unique to my poster.


          During my preparation, I practiced what to talk about, and how to prepare for the speech. Organization is key when making a speech because if the speaker is not organized and has scattered thoughts, they will have a hard time thinking of what to say. I came to the presentation dressed to impress; wearing formal clothing made me appear professional and knowledgeable on my topic. Eye contact is another part of my oral presentation because it makes it more apparent I am talking to the audience. Making a personal connection with the audience makes them feel more comfortable listening to me.


Visual Analysis


          This poster captures the essence of Hoop Dreams in clear and concise manner. It has a minimalist attitude to it, but it includes everything most people need to infer what the movie is about. The objects in the foreground transcend upward from the basketball and end with the trophy. This implies it is a movie about basketball that ultimately leads up to an achievement or satisfaction, hence the trophy. The poster was not meant to look plain, but instead be simple enough to let the viewer imply what the movie is about very easily.


          I used chunking in the text blocks to organize them, but they are arranged in a manner so they also converge to the trophy. In my first draft of the poster I used a font style similar to letters found on basketball jerseys, but I changed that for my revision because it was a somewhat boring font that could use some improvement.



Electronic Analysis


The ePortfolio captures everything I have learned in English 250. It embodies written work, oral communication, visual style, and electronic language. Using all of the components I was able to craft an ePortfolio that was not only easy to use and informative, but also esthetically pleasing. The use of chunking in the website drastically cuts down confusion by clumping all of the links together, and keeping each box separated. Also, I used complimentary colors to make the website pop instead of look dull and two-dimensional.


Garrett Smith           2010           garrettmikesmith@gmail.com