Hello, My name is Garrett Smith and this is my ePortfolio. I made this website for English 250, an English class at Iowa State University. The curriculum of this course emphasizes the proficiency of communicating in todays digital world. Making this website shows the online community my strengths as an author and artist because the course is divided up into four main sections, expressed by the acronym WOVE. WOVE stands for Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic. The course is designed for teaching the students to be practiced in each of these areas. Now for a little bit about me, I am a freshman mechanical engineer at Iowa State University. I enjoy being active in my fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega. There, I am the computer chair and Yell Like Hell co-chair, which is a Greek Iowa State Homecoming event.


          This website is divided into five main categories. The tabs on the side are the main navigation tool to browse the website. The tabs on the side are links that are fairly self-explanatory about what each one is. I tried to make the website as minimalist as possible, because I feel this gives the user an easier time with navigating the website. Each page is roughly the same design so nothing will unexpectedly change.


          One of the greatest ways to revise a paper is to try and eliminate passive voice. Passive voice does not emphasize the action verb, and therefore stripping the verb of is depth and meaning. Cutting down on wordiness is also something I did to revise my papers. Long-winded sentences and run-ons look amateurish and make the paper hard to read. Organization is one of the hardest things to revise because it involves restructuring the entire paper. This has been a tough hurdle for me to leap because I do not usually outline paper. However, on ,y last major assignment, the rhetorical film analysis, I made an outline and my grade drastically improved.


          I look to update this website with other work from English 250 or possibly other courses, and look for a way to use my website to find employment in the future. Making a website is a very clear and effective way to get information about yourself out into the public and may hopefully pay off with a job in the future.

Garrett Smith           2010           garrettmikesmith@gmail.com