Personal Interests



Let me begin by saying that my state of fitness is not an accurate measure of my interest in fitness.

I recommend Covert Bailey's books (there are several) for a no nonsense approach to diet and exercise. Of course Dean Ornish is excellent as well. Dr. Ornish espouses the virtues of meditation in addition to nutritional dieting and exercise.

With the exception of Western Iowa, we here in Iowa enjoy a relatively flat terrain (the enthusiasm for which relates to my first comment under Fitness!) and some very nice bike trails. The Rail Conservancy project has yielded some beautiful bike trails, many of which I hope to enjoy this fall.

Mental and Spiritual

This summer I plan to read the complete works of John Shelby Spong; he has given me hope that my faith has not been completely prostituted by the ignorant and intolerant.  For that I am truly grateful.

Spong espouses the belief that we are each holy and that every act that is committed out of love is reverent and every act that is not committed out of love is evil.  It is interesting to note the visceral reaction of some Christians to Spong; some of these folks find his message intimidating--a few are so afraid of his message that they have threatened to kill him.  While I have my own beliefs about why his message elicits such reaction, Spong believes it is because the collective human race is growing spiritually and it is no longer acceptable--socially, politically, or economically, to hate in the name of God. I suppose in some churches tithing would drop off if you were not given divine instruction to hate anyone unlike yourself.

At any rate, I am looking forward to my reading.