If you do not see a video clip above, it may be because Java may not be installed or properly working in your computer.  On your main WebCT page, click on "Run a Browser Check" to see if the required plug-ins are installed and the browser is configured correctly.

The sign you see at left is "hello" in ASL.

Begin this lesson by learning the signs listed in the left panel.  Click on a sign to play the video clip for it.  The sign will be played three times -- first, at normal speed, a second time at slow speed, and a final time at normal speed.  If you need to see the sign again, click on the play button. 

Note the hand shape, palm and finger orientation, location, and the movement for the sign when it is first played.  During the second and the third time, sign along.   A brief description for each sign is also provided to aid in understanding how the sign is made.  Sign each vocabulary item five or more times until you can sign it from memory quickly and with ease.

If you need to review a previously learned sign at any time, click on the letter with which the English gloss for the sign begins in the "Alphabetical Listing of Signs" found on the LESSON PLAN panel.  After you have reviewed the sign, return to the current lesson by clicking on the appropriate numbered item in the LESSON PLAN.