Mom- Melissa

Dad- Angel

Sister- Natalie

Dog- Honey


My mother works for the school district in my hometown at Community Education. She is a great cook, and makes all of my favorite foods for me when I am home. She gives good advice and is always there for my family.


My father is a Senior Business Analyst at the Mayo Clinic. He loves sports, and goes snowboarding and golfing with me. He enjoys being outdoors and unfortunately is a New York Jets fan.


My sister just graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado. She majored in Equine Science and is currently applying for jobs all over the country. She is very supportive and doesnŐt mind hanging out with her younger brother.


My dog is a 12 year old golden retriever. She loves being outdoors and lives a spoiled lifestyle at home. She is incredibly tolerant, and she loves when I come home to see her.