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LA 302 Regional Landscape Design
Cultural and natural influences on regional design. Regional patterns, theories, processes, forms, and materials as landscape design influences. Application of ecological concepts and regional design concepts, methods, tools, and data in mitigation design. Use of geographic information systems to model regional processes and communicate regional patterns. 
LA 411/511 Computer Graphics in Landscape Architecture
Applications of computer graphics to landscape planning, design, and construction projects. Software includes computer-aided design (CAD), image editing, geographic information systems (GIS), rendering, HTML for Web pages, thematic mapping, electronic presentations, 3-D static and dynamic simulation, and charting.
LA 463 Comprehensive Landscape Planning
Planning for multiple use of large areas with emphasis on regional landscape analysis, visual resource management, landscape impact assessment, and land use feasibility. Preparation of master plans for multiple use with a basis in landscape ecology and human ecology. Master planning methods and concepts communicated through drawings, oral presentations, and written reports.
LA 541 Principles of Research for Landscape Architects
Examination of research methods appropriate for landscape architecture projects, including bibliographical, historical, numerical, statistical, survey, and geographic (GIS) methods. Readings, discussions, and application problems. Preparation of a research proposal.
LA 562 Landscape Resource Management
Developing plans and policies that feature ecological landscape description, planning, and resource conservation. Hands-on field experience with professional resource planners and managers.
LA 567 Advanced GIS Landscape Modeling
Application of GIS modeling techniques to landscape planning and management issues.  Use of descriptive and predictive GIS modeling techniques, including logit modeling, spatial statistics, geo-statistics, environmental diversity indices, Boolean logic, and map algebra.  ArcView and Spatial Analyst extension are the primary modeling tools.  Modeling applications for studio projects, outreach projects, and research projects.
LA 490/590E Independent Study in Landscape Planning
Investigation of a topic in landscape planning of special interest to the student.
LA 490/590K Independent Study in Computer Graphics
Investigation of a topic in landscape computer graphics of special interest to the student.
LA 580 Graduate Research Tutorial
Hands-on participation in a creative or research activity in the student's area of specialization. Development of a detailed prospectus that defines their thesis or creative component.
LA 599/699 Creative Component / Thesis Research
Comprehensive study and original development of a project selected by the student and approved by the department. The completed project must be submitted to and approved by the graduate faculty committee as evidence of mastery of the principles of landscape architecture.

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