Franek Hasiuk, Department of Geological and Atm Sciences

Geology 444X/544X: Petroleum Geology and Engineering


Lecture: MW 11am-noon
Lab: Th 3-5pm

The geoscience and engineering aspects of exploration, development, and production of hydrocarbon resources around the world, as well as the historical and legal frameworks through which the industry has developed. Broader discussions of safety, risk, uncertainty, cost, and integrity as relevant to the petroleum industry.

Prerequisite: History of the Earth (Geol 102 and 102L) and Stratigraphy & Sedimentation (Geol 368) must have been completed prior to enrolling in this course.


  • Petroleum Geoscience, Gluyas, Jon; Swarbrick, Richard, 2004. Blackwell Publishing. Available free as a PDF through ISU Library.
  • The Prize, by Daniel Yergin. ~$20, available at MU Bookstore

Course Fee: $50

Required Equipment List: Colored Pencils, colored sharpies


  • 40%: In-class exercises and discussions
  • 20%: Homework
  • 10%: Exam 1
  • 15%: Exam 2
  • 15%: Final Exam


544X Requirement: Students enrolled at the graduate level (Geol 544X) must choose a historically interesting hydrocarbon basin and complete a scientific research paper detailing the upstream, midstream and downstream aspects of it while placing it in its proper historical, economic and political context. Only one student per basin.

Interesting deposits:

  • Ghawar, Saudi Arabia
  • Zelten/Nasser, Libya
  • North Sea Oil
  • Western Pennsylvania
  • Venezuela
  • Qatar North Field/ Iranian South Pars
  • Barnett Shale

Disclaimer: "X"

Iowa State University requires all new courses to be marked with an "X" for eXperimental. After the course is run three times, the X is dropped. I apologize for any confusion if you expected this course to concern either X-Men or the X-Files.