Franek Hasiuk, Department of Geological and Atm Sciences

Franek Hasiuk Teaching


History of the Earth (Geol 102, 4 credits)

The Earth’s physical and biological evolution; concepts of global tectonics. Methods used to decipher earth history. Students majoring in geology must also enroll in Geol 102L. Team taught with Beth Caissie.

Spring Break Geology Field Course (Geol 306/506, 2 credits)

Taught inodd years, this field trip will explore classic exposures of sedimentary rocks and stratigraphic architectures to allow students to develop a keen understanding of the scales of variability in sedimentary systems and their properties.

  • Paleozoic History of West Texas and New Mexico
  • Stratigraphy & Sedimentation (Geol 368, 4 credits)

    Origin of sedimentary rocks and the characteristics of major depositional systems, geologic time, stratigraphic nomenclature, methods of correlation, facies and facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentary tectonics and basin analysis. Required field and laboratory-based problem with a comprehensive written report. Nonmajor graduate credit.

    Petroleum Geoscience & Engineering (Geol 444X/544X, 3 credits) • Course Website

    The geoscience and engineering aspects of exploration, development, and production of hydrocarbon resources around the world, as well as the historical and legal frameworks through which the industry has developed. Broader discussions of safety, risk, uncertainty, cost, and integrity as relevant to the petroleum industry.


    Graduate School Teaching

    Softrock 2004: Colorado Plateau (On-line link) University of Michigan Fieldtrip

    Softrock 2005: Florida Keys (On-line link) University of Michigan Fieldtrip

    Michigan Geology: U.P. and Away! (On-line link) University of Michigan Fieldtrip

    Arkansas Geology Field Trip (On-line link) University of Michigan Fieldtrip

    Softrock 2006: West Texas and New Mexico (On-line link) University of Michigan Fieldtrip

    University of Michigan Geological Teaching Collection (On-line link)

    Using QuickTime VR technology, I made this website with approximately 100 movies that allows the student to virtually interact with various geological and paleontological specimens from any angle as well as zoom in and out.

    Beginner's Guide to the Vreeland Spectroscope (On-line Link)

    This is a website that my mineralogy lab partner and I made back in 2002 to document the use of this interesting piece of scientific apparatus.

    AARDVARK—The Deere Bot (On-line Link)

    In high school, I participated in the FIRST Robotics competition, which was a collaboration between Ames High School students, Iowa State University students and professors, and industrial engineers from John Deere.