Franek Hasiuk, Department of Geological and Atm Sciences

Franciszek J. "Franek" Hasiuk

Assistant Professor & Morehouse Faculty Fellow

Sedimentary Geology and Geochemistry,

Petroleum Geoscience


1 Science I (office)
253 Science I (mail)
Dept. of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
+1 (515) 294-6610 (office phone)
+1 (515) 294-6049 (office fax)
franek at iastate dot edu



Ph.D.  Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, 2008
M.S.  Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, 2005
B.S.  Geoscience (with honors), University of Iowa, 2003
B.A.  Classics, University of Iowa, 2003
H.S.  American Community School, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1998


Research Areas

  • Refine understanding of how seawater chemistry and temperature affect carbonate chemistry through experimental culturing. Better estimates of both quantities would aid paleoclimatological, tectonic, and burial history studies.
  • Develop new models for understanding the sedimentology and diagenesis of fine-grained carbonates as well as the distribution of non-carbonate reservoir cements to improve development of oil and water resources.
  • Explore new ways of describing the three-dimensional nature of porous materials.
  • Build an expert database and research tool to digitally explore and analyze petrographic, petrophysical, and geochemical data—the "CO3DB".
  • Improve “rock literacy” by borrowing strategies from literacy and numeracy instruction with the goal of making students more able and more confident rock-readers.  

Iowa State Foram Farm

The shell chemistry of Foraminifera is the pre-eminant oceanography proxy for paleotemperature. Down on the Foram Farm we will be growing these single celled organisms to see how their chell chemistry is affected by changes in water temperature and chemistry with the goal of building more robust paleotemperature proxies that can be used in deep time studies of paleoclimate. Click here for more info.

Geological Fabrication Laboratory (GeoFabLab)

The STL is where petrography, petrophysics, image analysis, and geochemistry are employed together to best describe sedimentary rocks for the purposes at hand. Click here for more info.

Petrographic Industrial Research Laboratory (PIRL)

The PIRL provides an administratively simple way for industry to access petrographic services while providing students with the opportunity to learn how to describe petrographic thin sections and interpret petrophysical data. Click here for more info.

Absolute Gravity Measurement at Iowa State

The National Geodetic Survey will measure absolute gravity (9.81... m/s^2) at Iowa State University this Summer 2014. I'm helping coordinate all the stakeholders. Click here for more info.

Geological Kids Books

Are you looking for some good children's books with geological themes? Click here!