Franek Hasiuk, Department of Geological and Atm Sciences

3D Modeling

These programs can help you build you own models from scratch or clean up 3D scans.

Free software

  • Blob3D and Quant3D (UTCT's CT analysis software, requires free IDL install)
  • MeshLab (Mesh editor)
  • Meshmixer (Autocad)
  • Blender (Full-featured 3D graphics program)
  • Autodesk 123D (basic 3D graphics programs/apps integrated with cloud services, free account needed))
  • SketchUp (basic 3D graphics program integrated with 3D Warehouse, free to educators)
  • Scenect (3D scanning program for the Xbox Kinect sensor)
  • OpenKinect (3D scanning program for the Xbox Kinect sensor)
  • OpenSCAD (basic 3D modeling software with a "programmer's interface")
  • 3DTIN (web-based)
  • TinkerCAD (web-based, free account needed)
  • Wings3D (polygon modeler)
  • SPIERS: The Serial Palaeontological Image Editing and Rendering System
  • 3D Slicer:
  • OsiriX:Open-Source PACS Workstation DICOM Viewer

Zbrush, Mudbox, Sculptris, 3DCoat,Topogun, netFabb


CAD Software (Computer-Aided Design)

Photogrammetry (Assembling 3D models from photos)

Kinect and Xtion Software

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