fmakegen.demo - simple automatic makefile generator for Fortran

fmakegen.demo is a program for automatically generating simple makefiles for Fortran programs. An example is provided by using the -help option.

The program is temporarily named fmakegen.demo for demonstration purposes.

vincent% add fortran
vincent% fmakegen.demo -help
fmakegen -- simple automatic makefile generator for Fortran

 Usage: fmakegen [-h | -help]
  -h     Show help text
  -help  Show help text


  Create a file which contains a list (one per line) of Fortran source
  file names. Name this file 'make_lis.dat'. The first filename in this
  file is assumed to contain the main program.

     vincent% ls
     fun1.f  prog.f  sub1.f  sub2.f
     vincent% ls *.f > make_lis.dat
     vincent% emacs make_lis.dat
     [edit the 'make_lis.dat' such that 'prog.f' is the first line]
     vincent% cat make_lis.dat

  Now run 'fmakegen' and redirect STDOUT to 'makefile':

     vincent% fmakegen > makefile

  Run 'make':

     vincent% make