Dispatch of Wednesday, April 3, 2001:

X-Win 32 software license:  We have purchased a department-wide license for X-Win32, an X windows program for connecting to Project Vincent machines from a PC. This software is installed on the machines in the PC lab, B54, if you would like to try it. A number of people are using it and think well of it (Tom Meyer, David Carter-Lewis, Bassam, etc.) The software may be installed on any machine operating in the department. Information concerning how to download and install the software is available at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~fcp/xwin32.htm.  The cost of the $500 license was shared by LASCAC, the department, Jianwei, John Stanford and the Ames High Energy Group (Eli). If you use the software, you might give one of these guys a donut (or better yet something edible) at the next colloquium.  Frank Peterson.

  • Setting up X-Win32 for Acropolis Access

    Minimum System Requirements

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000

    Disk space: A minimum of 8MB free

    Protocol required: TCP/IP

    Network restrictions:

    1.The host, client, or both computers must reside on a licensed network, currently the ISU main campus, 129.186.*.*, or Ames Labs, 147.155.*.*.

    2.Be aware that a firewall separating the host and client may cause license errors, particularly if network address translation (NAT) is implemented or there is filtering enabled on port 6000+D, where D is the display number (usually 0). Please check with your network administrator before you purchase this product.

    3.This software may not perform to your expectations over slow network connections.

    Downloading X-Win32

    1.Open an authenticated ftp connection to isua.iastate.edu

    2.Enter your NetID (i.e., your ISU email name).

    3.Enter your password.

    4.Select a binary download type.

    5.Select the download directory


    6.Get the X-Win503S.exe and Setup.doc files.

    7.Close the ftp connection.

    Installing X-Win32

    If you are using the download software, skip to step 4.

    1.Insert the media.

    2.Open My Computer by double clicking on it.

    3.Open the removable drive that contains the X-Win32 software.

    4.Double click on the Xwin503S.exe setup file.

    5.Follow the prompts to install X-Win32.

    Configure X-Win32 Sessions

    1.Start the X-Win32 configuration utility, X-Config from the X-Win32 program menu in the Starr Menu.

    2.With the Sessions tab selected, click on Add...

    3.Enter a session name, i.e. ISUA1.

    4.Pull down the Connect using menu to XDMCP.

    5.Pull down the XDMCP menu to Query.

    6.Enter the host name in the Host name box, i.e. isua1.iastate.edu.

    7.Click Save.

    8.Click Ok to close X-Config.

    Start a workstation session

    1.Start X-Win32 by clicking Start, then Programs, then X-Win32 5.0, and X­-Win32. A blue X icon should appear in the System Tray, on most systems the lower right of the screen.

    2.Right-click on the blue, select Sessions, then the session name configured in the section above.

    3.The selected session should start. Please check the X-Win32 help files available from the Start Menu for troubleshooting tips.

    Notes about X-Windows access to Acropolis

    Most Acropolis workstations do not have X-Windows access enabled. You will need to have your Work Group Administrator change the settings to enable this access. If you are a WGA for a particular workstation and wish to allow or disallow XDM (remote X) connections to your DEC AlphaStation, you should create the file /loca1/etc/xdm-access. This file should contain the host names of the machines you wish to have X access to the workstation. For details, please see the manual on XDM (man xdm, in the XDMCP access control). Typically most WGA's will want to add hosts, which can be done by adding the machine name to the xdm-access file.