Dispatch of Tuesday, March 6, 2001:

Equipment available: We have received as a gift some items with an original cost of approximately $80K, all less than two years old, from a firm in the ISU research park. Included are a large number of the following:

*  photomultiplier tube with Peltier coller and heat sink, Hamamatsu R6060-02, 1/2" diameter, side-on type, 185 to 850 nm response, 1000 VDC, 4 x 13 mm area
*   ball bearing translation stage, 1.25" XY, two axis, side drive, metric micrometers, 13 mm travel, Edmund 33927, pg. 140 of 2001 Edmund Ind. Optics catalog
*  microscope objective, 40 X, spring loaded, retractable, 15 mm OD, 42 tpi, fully achromatic, for advanced student series micoscopes, Edmund 38353, pg, 140 in 1993 Edmund Optical Science Catalog

 Anyone who can make good use of some of it, or knows of someone who can, please contact me. Some further details are available at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~fcp/equipment.htm   Frank Peterson  fcp@iastate.edu.