AIT Alpha Farm DQS Configuration

DQS on the AIT Alpha farm is configured to provide seven groups of queues:

Group Name      Group        Maximum CPU     Max memory  $TMPDIR    # of queues
                                                         max disk     in group
SMALL          FARM-S       8 hours CPU         40 MB     255 MB         1
SMALL128       FARM-S128    8 hours CPU        100 MB     255 MB         1
SHORT          FARM-T      10 min   CPU        512 MB     800 MB         1
MEDIUM         FARM-M       4 hours CPU *      256 MB    8000 MB **      2
LONG-SMALL     FARM-LS     72 hours CPU *      256 MB    8000 MB **      2
LARGE          FARM-L      48 hours CPU *      512 MB    8000 MB **      2
HUGE           FARM-H      48 hours CPU       1500 MB   30000 MB         1

designed to support the execution of jobs requiring various combinations of CPU time and memory.

*) One queue in each group exists on a DEC XP-1000 which has 2 Gbytes of main memory. 1 additional queue for MEDIUM, LONG-SMALL and LARGE is on a loaner XP-900. The allowed memory use per queue is the same, but the Max CPU is 50% higher than that listed here to compensate for the speed differential between the XP-900 and the XP-1000

**) The 8 GB disk space for $TMPDIR is shared between the MEDIUM and LONG-SMALL queues on the DEC XP-1000. The 8 GB disk space for $TMPDIR is shared bewteen the MEDIUM, LONG-SMALL, and LARGE queues on the loaner XP-900.

Access to queues in the FARM-L, FARM-LS, and FARM-H groups is limited to users who have applied for and been awarded grants for usage of these resources.

An application form is available from this page.

The DQS command qstat shows the current queue configurations:

medium-01       FARM-M       AXP           Idle      
short-01        FARM-T       AXP           Idle      
long-small-01   FARM-LS      AXP           Idle      
huge-01         FARM-H       AXP           Idle      
large-01        FARM-L       AXP           Idle      
medium-02       FARM-M       AXP           Idle      
long-small-02   FARM-LS      AXP           Idle      
large-02        FARM-L       AXP           Idle      
small-01        FARM-L       AXP           Idle      

By default, a DQS job will be sent to a queue in the FARM-M group. Submittal of a job to the FARM-L group, for example, requires either adding this line:
   #$ -G FARM-L 1
to the job submittal file, or using the -G command-line option to qsub:
   Vincent% qsub -G FARM-L 1 submittal_script_name

The 1 on this command refers to the number of queues within the group to reserve for your job. This will always be 1.