The Alpha Farm Usage Policy

The following is the usage policy for the start-up phase of the AIT Alpha Farm. No usage charges will be assessed during the start-up phase.

    *  All jobs must be appropriate and consistent with the objectives of the

    *  Jobs running on the Alpha Farm should only be those that cannot be
       handled adequately by other computing resources to which the user has

    *  All queues, except for LARGE, LONG-SMALL and HUGE, will be 
       accessible to all Vincent users.

    *  The LARGE, LONG-SMALL and HUGE queues will be accessible only to those who 
       have been awarded a Computing Access Grant to the AIT Alpha Farm. This form
       form is available from
       Grants will be awarded on an annual basis, July 1 through June 30.

The AIT Alpha Farm has been divided up into the following queues: SHORT, SMALL, MEDIUM, LONG-SMALL, LARGE, and HUGE. Currently, these are defined as follows:

    *  SHORT:        10 minute maximum cpu time

    *  SMALL:         8 hour   maximum cpu time

    *  MEDIUM:        4 hour   maximum cpu time

    *  LONG-SMALL:   72 hour   maximum cpu time

    *  LARGE:        24 hour   maximum cpu time

    *  HUGE:         24 hour   maximum cpu time   

A queues of each class except small runs on the DEC XP-1000 machine: 3 of the queues run on a 640 MB XP-900 loaner machine and each small queue runs individually on 64MB Alphastation 225's.

        beans (2048 MB memory, 3  15 GB local scratch disks)