Grant Application Form for FARM-L, FARM-LS and FARM-H queues

This form must be filled out and submitted to Professor Glenn Luecke at 291 Durham Center (515-294-6659, to request access to the LARGE LONG-SMALL and/or HUGE queues on Academic Information Technologies' Alpha Farm.

Project Leader:  (Must be an ISU faculty or staff member)

   Name: ____________________________________________________________

   Campus Address: __________________________________________________
      (Incl. 4-digit zip code. Example: 2251, Academic Information Technologies)

   Location: ________________________________   College: ____________
             (Example: 291 Durham Center)

   Email Address: ___________________________   Phone: ______________

   Others working on this project who need access to the Alpha Farm:

   1. Name:  _________________________________________________________

      Network-ID: ____________________________ Phone:  _______________

   2. Name:  _________________________________________________________

      Network-ID: ____________________________ Phone:  _______________

   3. Name:  _________________________________________________________

      Network-ID: ____________________________ Phone:  _______________

   4. Name:  _________________________________________________________

      Network-ID: ____________________________ Phone:  _______________

   Person to contact if problems arise:

      Name:  _________________________________________________________

      Network-ID: ____________________________ Phone:  _______________

Project Title:  ______________________________________________________

Project Description:  Please attach a summary of your project (1 page maximum)
                      that includes the expected benefits from having access to
                      the Alpha Farm.

   Is there external funding supporting this project?  ___ YES, ___ NO.  
   If the answer is YES, please name the funding source

   _____________________________ and the amount of the award $ _______________

Time Period of Grant:  Grants are awarded on a fiscal year period, July 1
   through June 30.  

If I am awarded this computing access grant, I agree to

   (a)  utilize the Alpha Farm only for the project described in this proposal

   (b)  submit jobs only into those queues for which they are appropriate

   (c)  only run jobs that cannot be handled adequately by other computing
        resources to which I have access.

Moreover, I consider the proposed project to be appropriate and consistent with
the objectives of the university.

Project Leader's signature:  ___________________________________  Date ________

   Signatures of others working on this project listed above:

                 1.   __________________________________________  Date ________

                 2.   __________________________________________  Date ________

                 3.   __________________________________________  Date ________

                 4.   __________________________________________  Date ________

Because of limited resources, Academic Information Technologies cannot guarantee that there will be enough computer resources to satisfy all the computing needs of everyone who receives a computing access grant. When feasible, Academic Information Technologies will provide assistance porting and optimizing codes to the Alpha Farm.