Computation Center Workstation Farm: Who can use the Alpha Farm?

The Alpha Farm may be used by anyone with a valid Project Vincent account.
All users have access to the 
*  2 FARM-M queues which provide      2 hrs. of CPU time & up to 256 Mbytes of memory, 
*  1 FARM-T queue  which provides    10 min. of CPU time & up to 512 Mbytes of memory, and
*  2 FARM-S queues which provide      8 hrs. of CPU time & up to  40 Mbytes of memory.
*  2 FARM-S128 queue which provides   8 hrs. of CPU time & up to 100 Mbytes of memory.

The longer-running, larger memory FARM-L , FARM-LS, and FARM-H queues are available to users who have obtained a computing grant. These queues run jobs at higher priority than the above queues.

Computing grant application form