Introductory Tutorial for Structural Analysis Part 1

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Problem Description

This tutorial guides you through the analysis of either a structural steel or reinforced concrete portal frame to illustrate how the program functions. After completing this tutorial, explore many of the other features of the program STAAD.

The introductory example is the single bay, single story portal frame shown below.

Uniform Service Level Load, w
Dead Load = 1.25 kips/ft
Live Load = 2.50 kips/ft 

Concentrated Service Level Wind Load, H
10.0 kips acting towards the right at Joint 2 
Note: To run STAAD-III/ISDS Analysis/Design you have to create an input file. The procedures for creating the input file are described in the following pages.

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Structure File Name

Once you enter STAAD, the screen shown below will appear. If you are starting a new file, then click on "Open New File."

If you are continuing with an existing input file, then click on "Open Old File," as shown below. A screen similar to the "Open New File" screen shown below will appear.

On the "Open New File" screen, the first thing you may want to do is to select your directory. To do this, click on the arrow button just to the left of the yellow folder button. The figure below shows a sampling of the directories available in which to open your file. However, it is strongly suggested that you save your file in the C:\USER directory. If choose to save your file in another directory, STAAD may not have enough available memory to complete the analysis of your model. If you do not choose a directory, the computer will not let you create any new files. Next, go to the "File Name" area near the bottom of the box. Type in your choice for a file name. For the purposes of this example, the file name of "sample" was used.

To create the structure input file graphically, select the Staad Pre option from the top of the Main STAAD III Menu. It will be the fourth word in from the left.

If you want specific screen dimensions refer to the STAAD Reference Manual (hard copy); otherwise, press "Accept" when the following screen appears. The default limits for the user defined fixed scale are shown in the windows.

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Structure Type

The "Initial Staad File Data" window prompts for a structure type to be selected. Select the "Plane (2D)" option (under Staad Type) to indicate a two-dimensional plane frame structure. This window also allows you to select the length and force units. Default values are Feet and Kip. The sample problem uses the default units. Units can be changed by placing the cursor to the left of the desired unit and clicking the left mouse button. The units currently chosen are denoted by a dot in the circular area just to the left of them. This screen also prompts for the optional file name title that will be printed on each page of the output file. Type the title as "STEEL PORTAL FRAME" or "REINFORCED CONCRETE FRAME," depending on the structural material used for the frame members. Once the desired setting are established, select the "Accept" button with the mouse to accept the entry and close this window.

A screen will appear with a grid system with a X, Y, Z coordinate axis will be present.

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