Starting STAAD

Go to the computer lab in 134 Town Engineering.

Log onto the computers by pushing control-alt-delete. When asked to log in, you can push "Enter" if you only want to use the Dot Matirx printer. If you wish to use the laser printer, then enter your name and account number and press "Enter."

Go down to the lower left corner of the screen and click on the "Start" Move the mouse up to "Programs" and then to the right and up to "Structures." Now move the mouse to the right again and clik on "STAAD-III Rel. 22.3W 32-bit."

When the Printer Selection Window appears, select the printer you wish to use for printing your STAAD III output. Once you have selected a printer, you will have to leave STAAD III and log in again if you wish to change the printer you are using. Also, remember which printer you choose, because you must select the same printer when you encounter the Print Window while printing your output later. In this case, the TE134 HP LaserJet 4Si printer has been chosen.

Congratulations! You have now gained access to the STAAD III program!

Note: At any time while using STAAD, to select an option, use the mouse to point at the item and click the left mouse button.

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