1. Work in pencil on 8 1/2 x 11 engineering computation paper on one side only.
  2. Include the following on each sheet: name, sheet number.
  3. Each problem is to start on a new page.
  4. Staple together the sheet for each problem (not for a problem set).
  5. Show all calculations.
  6. Neatness is important; however, do not copy problems over to make them look neater.
  7. Sloppy work will result in fewer grades.
  8. Follow an orderly systematic procedure in working a problem.
  9. Be careful with units and decimal points.
  10. Check that the solution is reasonable.
  11. Problems will be randomly selected by the instructor for submittal; therefore, not all problems and/or assignments will be graded.
  12. Homework due: Monday of each week at the beginning of the class. Homework assigned Friday will not be due until the second Monday.
  13. Grading of homework problems (normally 10 points)
  1. Good 8-10 points
  2. Fair 6-7 points
  3. Poor < 6 points
  4. Not done 0 points
  5. Late half-off