The Great Pluto Debate:

Is Pluto really an honest-to-goodness, card-carrying planet, or just a pretender from the ranks of the icy bodies of the outermost fringes of the solar system? Discovery of some large icy bodies in the outer solar system in the late 1990s, caused this question to flare up in astronomical circles and in the mainstream press. More recent discoveries expose the fact that it is not quite settled yet. In recitation sections on October 28 and 31 you will participate in this debate to try and settle the matter - for Astro 120, at least..

Homework 3 will help you prepare - it is a bit different than the previous homeworks, so click on the link there, print it out, and then read this item again. You are to fill out the 'pre-debate' questions and bring the paper with you to recitation on 10/28 (or 10/31).

For background reading, check out the following links about the new discoveries:

and be sure to read up on the discussion from a few years ago by checking out these links as well.