Please note: due to both technical and copyright reasons, we cannot post on the web the reading packet which accompanies this assignment – you will need to pick it up from Dr. Bix if you don’t have it!


HISTORY 488 - Writing assignment #2


Handed out Thurs. Oct. 17; due back in class Thurs. Nov. 7


Focus – Frederick Winslow Taylor and Scientific Management



 Your job is to start by re-reading carefully the sections in Technology in America and in Meyer’s Five Dollar Day referring to Frederick Winslow Taylor and scientific management. Next, read the articles handed out with this assignment. Now, integrate what you have learned - write a four-to-six-page paper (double-spaced) discussing the following questions: 


What was Frederick Winslow Taylor’s approach to giving management control over workers and the work process; what did the process of implementing “scientific management” involve?  What was Taylor’s philosophy of working; how did he define the relative roles of labor and management?  What assumptions did he make in his theory?  How did he define his vision of “systemizing”?  How “scientific” really was scientific management?  Why were Taylor’s ideas so enthusiastically adopted by some business owners and other advocates; what was the appeal and promise of scientific management?  Given Taylor’s insistence that his approach would improve worker happiness and workplace harmony, why did some Americans object to scientific management?



          Be specific – do not just make broad generalizations! – you should cite specific passages and evidence from documents to make your points! (However, do not devote too much space to really long quotes that eat up most of a page – leave room to put in your own ideas and show critical thinking).


        Take time to check your grammar and spelling; be sure to proofread.  When you take material directly from an article, cite the source in parentheses – for example (Taylor, p. 45) – be sure to avoid plagiarism.  Points will be deducted for late papers.