Verbatim transcripts of the legal documents of the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692:

Whereas Mrs. Joseph Hutcheson, Thomas Putnam, Edward Putnam, and Thomas Preston personally appeared before us, and made Complaint against Sarah Good for suspicion of Witchcraft by her Committed, and thereby much Injury done to Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams, Anna Putnam, and Elizabeth Hubbard:

Examination of Sarah Good:

[Official]: "Sarah Good, what evil spirit have you familiarity with?"

{Good]: "None"

[Official]: "Have you made no contract with the devil?"

[Good]: "No."

[Official]: "Why do you hurt these children?"

[Good}: "I do not hurt them. I scorn it."

[Official]: "Who do you employ then to do it?

[Good]: "I employ nobody."

[Official]: "What creature do you employ then?"

{Good]: "No creature; I am falsely accused."

[Official]: "Why did you go away muttering from Mr. Parris?"

[Good]: "I did not mutter."

[Official]: "Have you made no contract with the devil?"

[Good]: "No."

{The official desired all the children to look at her and see if this were the person that had hurt them. So they all did look upon her and said this was one of the persons that did torment them. Presently, they were all tormented.]

[Official]: "Sarah Good, do you not see now what you have done? Why do you not tell us the truth? Why do you thus torment these poor children?"

[Good]: "I do not torment them."

[Official}: "Who do you employ, then?"

[Good]: "I employ nobody. I scorn it."

[Official]: "How came they thus tormented?"

[Good} "What do I know? You bring others here and now you charge me with it."

Sarah Good, executed July 19. 1692

Examination of Rebecca Nurse:

[Official speaking to one afflicted]: "What do you say, have you seen this woman hurt you?"

[Answer]: "Yes, she beat me this morning."

[Ann Putman, in a grievous fit, cried out that Goody Nurse hurt her]

[Official]: "Goody Nurse, here are two, Ann Putman and Abigail Williams, complain of your hurting them. What do you say to it?"

{Nurse]: "I can say before my Eternal Father I am innocent, and God will clear my innocency."

[Official]: "Here is never a one in the Assembly but desires it; but if you be guilty, pray God discover you."

[Goodman Kenny rose to speak and said that since Goody Nurse came into the house, he was seized twice with an amazed condition.]

[Official]: "The wife of Mr. Thomas Putman accuseth you by credible information both of tempting her to iniquity and of greatly hurting her."

{Nurse]: "I am innocent and clear. I never afflicted no child, never in my life."

{Official]: "You see these accuse you; is it true?"

[Nurse]: "No."

[Here Thomas Putman’s wife cried out]: "Did you not bring the Black Man with you? Did you not bid me tempt God?"

[Nurse]: "Oh, Lord, help me!" [and she spread out her hands, and the afflicted were grievously vexed].

[Official]: "Do you not see what a solemn condition these are in? When your hands are loose, the persons are afflicted."

[Then Mary Walcot and also Elizabeth Hubbard both openly accused her of hurting them]

[Official]: "Here are these two grown persons now accuse you; what say you?"

[Nurse]: "The Lord knows I have not hurt them; I am an innocent person."

[Official]: "It is very awful to all to see these agonies and you thus charged with contracting with the Devil; to see you stand with dry eyes, when there are so many wet."

[Nurse]: "You do not know my heart."

[Official]: "You would do well, if you are guilty, to confess."

[Nurse]: "I am as clear as the child unborn."

[Official]: "You are charged that familiar spirits come to you; now what do you say to that?"

[Nurse]: "I have none, Sir."

[Official]: "Give me an upright answer: have you any familiarity with these spirits?"

[Nurse]: "No, I have none but with God alone."

[Official]:"These testify to a black man whispering in your ear and birds flying about you. What do you say to it?"

[Nurse]: "It is all false; I am clear."

Rebecca Nurse, executed July 19, 1692















Examination of Tituba:

[Official]: "Tituba, what evil spirit have you familiarity with?"

[Tituba]: "None."

[Official]: "Why do you hurt these children?"

[Tituba]: "I do not hurt them."

[Official]: "Who is it, then?"

[Tituba]: "The devil, for all I know."

[Official]: "Did you never see the devil?"

[Tituba]: "The devil came to me and bid me serve him."

{Official]: "Who have you seen?"

[Tituba]: "Four women sometimes hurt the children."

{Official]: "Who were they?"

[Tituba]: "Goody Osburn and Sarah Good would have me hurt the children, but I would not. They hurt the children, and they tell me that if I will not hurt the children, they will hurt me."

[Official]: "But did you not hurt them?"

[Tituba]: "Yes, but I will hurt them no more."

[Official]: "Are you not sorry you did hurt them?"

[Tituba]: "Yes. Last night there was an appearance that said, kill the children."

[Official]: "What is this appearance you see?"

[Tituba]: "Sometimes it is like a hog, and sometimes like a great dog. The black dog said, serve me."

[Official]: "What did you say to it?"

[Tituba]: "I said, I will serve you no longer; then he said he would hurt me."

[Official]: "What else have you seen?"

[Tituba]: "Two rats, a red rat and a black rat."

[Official]: "What did they say to you?"

[Tituba]: "They said, serve me."

[Official]: "Did you not pinch Elizabeth Hubbard this morning?"

[Tituba]: "The man brought her to me and made me pinch her."

[Official]: "Why did you go to Thomas Putnam’s last night and hurt his child?"

[Tituba]: "They pull me and make me go."

[Official]: "How do you go?"

[Tituba]: "We ride upon sticks and are there presently."

[Official}: "Do you go through the trees, or over them?"

[Tituba]: "We see nothing, but are there presently."

[Official]: "Why did you not tell your master?"

[Tituba]: "I was afraid. They said they would cut off my head if I told."

[Official]: "What attendants has Sarah Good?"

[Tituba}: "A yellow bird."

{Official]: "What meat did she give it?"

[Tituba]: "It did suck her between her fingers."

[Official]: "Did you not hurt Mr. Currin’s child?"

{Tituba]: "Goody Good and Goody Osburn told that they did hurt Mr. Currin’s child, and would have had me hurt him too, but I did not."

{Official]: "What else have you seen with Goody Osburn?"

[Tituba]: "Another thing, hairy; it goes upright like a man, in black clothes."

[Official]: "Did you not see Sarah Good upon Elizabeth Hubbard last Saturday?"

[Tituba]: "I did see her set a wolf upon her to afflict her."

[Official]: "Do you see who it is that torments these children now?"

[Tituba]: "Yes, it is Sarah Good, she hurts them."