English 250H E-Folio

A Sample of my Documents

Below are a couple of my recent documents I've completed for my English 250H class at Iowa State. The class is entitled Cross-Cultural Rhetoric so accordingly, the majority of the documents discuss cultural topics or artifacts.


Summary Assignment

For this assignment, we were asked to practice summarizing an author's work by determining the main points and evaluating it. I chose to to analyze the short story Learning from Ladakh by Helena Norberg-Hodge. This document is available in Adobe pdf and is an example of my analytical skills.


Documented Essay

This essay discusses an issue of cultural diversity that affects people through a local or national level. My work is entitled "Segregation: Separation is not Equal" and discusses the topic of school segregation in schools and its effects on the students. It is available in Adobe pdf and displays my proficiency at research and skill in connecting ideas.


Rhetorical Analysis

The purpose of this assignment was to analyze a document using the Neo-Aristotelian concepts of audience, purpose, and context. For this, I chose to discuss the short story of John Henrik Clarke, The Boy Who Painted Christ Black. My analysis, entitled "The Color of Christ", researches the short story and discusses its implications through the author's background and the past discussions of Christ's color. It portrays my ability at research and analytical writing skills and it available in Adobe pdf.