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Supported by NSF
Award #1743819

Organized by:
John Herr
Justin Peters
Eric Weber

NSF CBMS Conference

Harmonic Analysis:  Smooth and Non-Smooth

Iowa State University

June 4-8, 2018


Principal Lecturer:

Palle Jorgensen, University of Iowa

Registration is now open. Please use the link at left. The registration form also serves as the application for financial support. If you wish to apply for financial support, please click the link to the left for detailed information concerning the support that is available.

For participants who are in the early stages of research, we will be having a "Bootcamp" on June 2 covering introductory material that will form the foundation of the Ten Lectures.

For those participants who wish
to present their research, we will be having the
"Smooth and Non-Smooth Harmonic Analysis Symposium" on June 3.