My Research


I am currently doing research for the U.S. Department of Energy at Ames Lab. My advisor is Rulsan Prozorov.


Here is a picture of the setup I am currently working with (the picture color is inverted because our lab group thought it looked cool.)


This set up allows us to take Magneto-Optical images of the surface of materials. Using this setup we can actually see magnetic fields.


Currently I am cooling pieces of a metal called Niobium down to -456 degrees Fahrenheit and then placing the samples in a magnetic field. The magnetic field inside Niobium at these super cold temperatures acts very different than it would in normal materials. I will add some pictures soon.



Below are some images what the magnetic field looks like in type I super conductors. As you can see the magnetic field actually forms beautiful fractal-like patterns in certain materials. The images below are of the magnetic field at the surface of a ferromagnetic material.