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STUDENTS Questions for final exam

Check for new solution and reference info

 CE 453 students  - brief solution for superelevation

Syllabus Lab 1 solution -  instructor model Week 1 Lab -  Basic review / Pacing

Pacing data

  Guides for Problem Sets and homework   Week 2 and 3Lab    Lab statement

Spreadsheet template with sample problem

Answers to sample problem

In-class traverse example (Week 2)

Chapter highlights / objectives

Chapter highlights_htm_format


Challenge problem - traverse area Circular curve lab

Circular curve partial spreadsheet

  Standard error - applications and estimates Brief GPS PPT for simple distance
    Mass diagram powerpoint
  Solution_10_13 Mass diagram data (Excel)
    FIELD DATA   -  project

  The Alumni Survey is a spreadsheet file that can be downloaded to your computer, filed in and returned as an e-mail attachment  to ekannel@iastate.edu    At this time, the form can not be filled in directly on-line.

Please include your code number from the letter.     Questions?  give me a call  or send an e-mail.

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