Throughout my life I have had many interests and that is still true to this day.I really enjoy many sports, especially swimming, volleyball, and Frisbee.I also enjoy watching some sports with friends, such as football.I also like to be outside doing recreational activities such as camping, grilling out, or cooking over a fire (I am really good at cooking over a fire), or just laying out under the stars.I enjoy anything that has to do with camp, like singing around a campfire and hanging out with kids and other college students with the same interests and passions as me.I also enjoy a good board game every now and then, I have recently learned how to play Settlers of Catan and my friends and I can get very competitive.Overall, I like to do things with people, creating a sense of community and friendship.Another thing that is very important to me and I enjoy learning a lot about is my faith.I have learned a lot about what it means to reallybe a Christian and share Godís love with everyone around you and not just be lackadaisical, and it is something I have enjoyed trying to implement into my life.