Favorite Links

I spend more time on the computer than I probably should, but because of that I definitely have different links that I enjoy going to and communicating with others or finding different things, or listening to music.  Here are some of my favorite links.

·         www.facebook.com – I’m sure many people understand that this is a social networking sight where one is able to keep in touch with many people through pictures, writing on “walls,” or sharing interests and facts about themselves.

·         www.wanelo.com – This is a website that has many different trinkets and clothes that people may not find if they are just searching the web randomly.  It tells you where you can buy items, or it is fun to just scroll through and look at creative ideas, such as a sweatshirt where one sleeve is the trunk of an elephant, whose head is the main part of the sweatshirt. 

·         www.pandora.com – I really enjoy listening to music and Pandora gives a lot of different options for whatever mood I am in, or whatever activity I am partaking in.