Sec.Ed. 395 Reading for Secondary Teachers

Instructor: Dr. Gayle Allen
Office: N103 Lagomarcino Hall
Phone Number: 294-8814
E-mail Address:

Office Hours: M & W 9:30-11:00 and T & Th 9:30-10:30. Other times can be arranged as necessary.

Required Text:

Content Area Reading, 4th ed., R.T. & J.A. Vacca

Course Description:

Exploration of the use of reading and writing in the secondary school curriculum as tools for learning. Examination of reading comprehension, motivation, reading attitudes, and interests to support literacy efforts and teaching strategies for instruction.

General topics to be covered:

  1. Learners and Context
    1. Language, Literacy and Learning
    2. Thinking and Learning with Texts
  2. Assessment of Students and Texts
    1. Evaluation of Student Performance
      Assessing Texts
  3. Learners and Text Together
    1. Designing curriculum
    2. Writing to learn
    3. Thinking and learning with texts
  4. Instructional Alternatives
    1. Vocabulary Development
    2. Study/Organization Skills
    3. Comprehension Strategies
    4. Student Research

Course Requirements and Evaluation for Course Grade


One of the goals of this course is to create a learning community where diverse ideas, thoughts, and debate on the issues in literacy and teaching reading can be freely expressed. You will be expected to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter by your class participation, thoughtful completion of assignments, reading assigned material and professional attitude.

Attendance is strongly encouraged and a portion of your grade is based on being actively involved in class.

Evaluation and Assessment

Please record and keep track of your own grade. If you are in doubt about an assignment or the resulting grade, see me immediately, it is your responsibility to let me know if you have questions. These are the planned requirements for the semester. If circumstances arise, the number of points possible may need to be adjusted.

1. Quizzes/Assignments____/200
2. Instructional Unit____/100
3. Journal Article Presentation ____/100
4. Teaching Minilesson____/200
5. Internet/ICN Exchange____/100
6. Attendance/Participation____/100

"A"(95-100%) 760 to 800 points
"A-"(90-94%) 720 to 759
"B+"(87-89%) 688 to 719
"B"(83-86%) 664 to 687
"B-"(80-82%) 640 to 663
"C+"(77-79%) 616 to 639
C and below(73-76%) 584 to 615

If at any time you are concerned about your grade or your standing in the class, please contact me and arrange a time to discuss this matter.

Spring 1997

Tentative Schedule

All Readings should be completed by the date posted

Week 1


Introduction to the course

Literacy, Language and Learning.

Week 2


Reading to learn-Ch. 2

Reading and Learning strategies

Week 3


ICN Link-up with middle school students

Motivating the reluctant reader

Week 4


Activating Prior Knowledge and Interest- Ch. 5
Week 5


Designing curriculum- Ch. 3 and Ch. 10
Week 6


Library research

Article reviews

Week 7


Report/Discussion of Articles

Motivation through curriculum

Week 8


Using questions as tools for learning - Ch. 6

Frameworks for Reader-Text interactions - Ch. 6

Week 9

March 10-14

Spring Break
Week 10


Ch. 6 Con't.

Teaching vocabulary - Ch. 4

Week 11


Studying Texts Ch. 9

Study strategies and time management

Week 12


Assessment of students and texts

Teaching a mini-lesson

Week 13


Assessment Con't

Student research

Week 14


Writing to learn Ch. 8

Technology and teaching reading

Week 15


ICN - Link with middle school students

Working with other subject area teachers

Week 16


Student and Teacher Research

Discussion and closure

Week 17Final TBA - Reflective Paper Due