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Criteria for Rhetorical Analysis

Here are some criteria for writing a rhetorical analysis. Click on each to get information and tips. On each criteria page there are links to student examples.

Analyze a rhetorical artifact in terms of HOW it communicates (not just what it communicates).

Ask a research question(s) about how the artifact communicates.

Propose an answer(s) to the research question(s) about how the artifact communicates--sometimes called a claim or thesis statement.

Use some units of analysis and/or theory as a lens through which to analyze how the artifact communicates.

Provide evidence to show that the answer(s) is right--or at least an interesting way to look at communication.

Offers analysis of the evidence to show how it answers the researach question(s).

Explain the significance of the question for some audience who might be interested in reading your analysis.

Make a coherent argument that your answer is right or at least interesting.