Dave Roberts is Associate Professor-for-Life of English at Iowa State University. He was educated at Arizona State University, where he completed a bachelorUs degree in mathematics before accepting his fate and attending graduate school in English. Professor Roberts taught for ten years at the University of Wyoming, where in 1976 he won an Amoco Outstanding Teacher award, the first non-tenure track faculty member ever chosen for the honor. Also, for three years he directed the prestigious Wyoming Conference on Freshman and Sophomore English.

In 1982 Roberts moved to Iowa State University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Rhetoric and Professional Communication area. He is currently writing a textbook on visual communication with his friend and colleague Charlie Kostelnick. It is to be published before the turn of the century by Allyn & Bacon.

Roberts' publications have appeared in The Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, The Technical Writing Teacher, and Freshman English News,. In addition to his academic career, Dave works as a writing consultant in business and industry. Prior to 1990, when he retired due to injuries and general loss of ability, Dr. Roberts was the player-manager for a city-league softball team made up of academic former jocks. He still attends games sometimes in Ames, Iowa, where he lives with his wife and his eleven-year-old switch-hitting son.

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