I am a research assistant for the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology, or CSSM. I work with fellow ISU graduate student Bryan Stanfill under the direction of Dr. Sarah Nusser and Dr. Alicia Carriquiry. Together, we model physical activity data with the primary interest of estimating compliance with Center for Disease Control physical activity guidelines and determining which covariates are significantly related to rates of compliance.

Master's Work

For my master's research, I worked on the problem of optimal food fortification planning in the field of nutrition, with respect to health outcomes and cost. More specifically, I, under the advisement of Dr. Alicia Carriquiry, developed a genetic search algorithm to optimize the analytically intractable objective function. The full length paper can be found here.


I have been working with Dr. Alicia Carriquiry, helping with the development of the software IMAPP (Intake Monitoring Assessment Planning Program). IMAPP is a tool designed to aide practitioners of nutrition as they assess and plan nutrient intakes for groups of individuals. The site where IMAPP can be downloaded can be found here.