Graduate Courses Taken or In Progress

STAT 615Advanced Bayesian MethodsFall2013
STAT 551Time SeriesFall2012
STAT 643Advanced Theory of Statistical InferenceSpring2012
STAT 506Spatial StatisticsSpring2012
STAT 642Advanced Probability TheoryFall2011
STAT 601Advanced Statistical MethodsFall2011
STAT 544Bayesian StatisticsSpring2011
STAT 503Exploratory Methods and Data MiningSpring2011
STAT 521Theory and Application of Survey SamplingSpring2011
STAT 512Design of ExperimentsFall2010
STAT 557Methods of Counts and ProportionsFall2010
STAT 611Theory of Linear ModelsFall2010
STAT 543Probability and Statistics IISpring2010
STAT 511Statistical MethodsSpring2010
STAT 501Multivariate Statistical MethodsSpring2010
STAT 542Probability and Statistics IFall2009
STAT 500Statistical MethodsFall2009
STAT 579Introduction to Statistical ComputingFall2009