I have a family of five. First is my father, and his name is John Olerich. He is 43 years old, and he is my biggest idol. I do anything my dad tells me because I want to grow up to be just like him.


Second is my mother, and her name is Brenda Olerich. She is 44 this year. My mom always takes care of me even when I do some of the stupidest things possible.


My parents are split up, but are back together now. They divorced each other when I was younger, but I am glad that they are back together.


I have two sisters. Their names are Chrystal, 18, and Tiffany, 14. Chrystal and I do not usually see eye to eye. We fight a lot about everything there is imaginable. Tiffany and I do not really fight at all, but she looks up to me as her idol.


This picture is from my cousin Becky’s wedding. My two sisters are on the far left. I am next to them in the back in green. My dad is next to me in red, and my mom is behind the bride (Becky) in red.